Now that I'm back into letter writing and beginning mail art, I thought it'd be fun to share it with you. If anyone is interested in a pen pal, please send me an e-mail. You can find it in my profile.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Mail Art I Made


This is the envelope I made for the 'Beginner Mail Art' swap at Swap-bot.
It took me quite a bit of time, but I thought it turned out alright for my first try.
What do you think?
I was a bit worried about it maybe coming apart in transit, but I'm happy to say, that it was well received.
Already signed up for the  'Beginner Mail Art 2' swap, since I had so much fun making this one.

Front of envelope.

Back of envelope.


  1. I think you did a wonderful job on your first mail art envelope! Your a natural!

  2. Yes I agree with lolastar, colorful envelopes bring smiles and good news ^^